Latest update now Puma There are two versions of football boots left, ONE and evoPOWER, while the King version is often only seen in production, evoSPEED has been replaced by ONE and evoTOUCH is not going to. By now, what sub-models will there be? Let's see.

1. Model ONE is defined as "PLAY PERFECT" is a speed or speed soccer shoe. There are famous players in use, such as Guguero, Antoine. Grecemund, Marco Royce and Cesc Fabacas, etc., in which ONE will be divided into four sub-editions.

1.1 ONE 17.1

1.2 ONE 17.2

1.3 ONE 17.3

1.4 ONE 17.4

2. The evoPOWER model is defined as "UNPREDICTABLE POWER" is a power line shoes. There are famous players in use such as Olivier Giroud and so on, evoPOWER will be divided into 4 sub-editions.

2.1 evoPOWER Vigor 1

2.2 evoPOWER Vigor 2

2.3 evoPOWER Vigor 3

2.4 evoPOWER Vigor 4

Puma soccer shoes, this brand has long been famous. We all know each other's home, but may not be spending money on marketing with football players like Nike or Adidas brands. So we rarely see many professional footballers put together.

But if you look at the quality, it really doesn't get any more slack than you can see from Puma's football presenter, whether it's Antoine Griezmann, Gunghero, Cesc Fabregas, Yaya Toure, Buffon, Giroud, Benerin and around 280 other European League players, many of whom are Have a world-class performance


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