Women's Running Shoes

Messisport started out selling soccer shoes on the web for 9 years until now it has expanded its product line to diversity. We have compiled a collection of running shoes from famous brands such as Asic, Mizuno, Adidas, Nike, the latest release.

The product is authentic, Thai label, hand 1, do not worry if ordering with us. We have a customer feedback rating of 4.9 / 5.

You can access the feedback from our customers at https://web.facebook.com/pg/messisportfanclub/reviews/

Order process

Step 1 Select the brand, model and size you want.

You can access information of football shoes at https://www.messisport.com Or there may be a picture of a shoe coming from Line or Facebook or from the Internet as well.

Step 2 order notification

The ordering channels of our store are as follows.

1. Order through the website www.messisport.com With a shopping cart system

2. Order through our Official Line application, ID @messisport with chat

3. Order through the Inbox of www.Facebook.com/messisportfanclub by chat.

4. Order by phone number 089-6887559 Nong Toon will answer the call. (But after placing an order, customers must send an SMS indicating the brand, model, size to this number to prevent miscommunication)

Step 3 Checking the product

After we received the order We will check the product. When checking the product We will notify the customer to complete the payment.

Step 4 payment

We have two payment systems.

1. Bank transfer We have bank accounts as follows

- Krung Thai Bank, Messi International Co., Ltd. Account number 0080282709, Pathumwan branch

- Kasikorn Bank, Messi International Co., Ltd. Account number 0178415859 Lotus Rama 1 Branch Savings account

- Siam Commercial Bank, Messi International Company Limited, account number 0384677163, Siam Square branch Savings account

- Bangkok Bank, Messi International Co., Ltd. Account number 1494120098 Urupong Branch Savings account

2. Payment by mPAY system, which can be paid in many ways Especially credit cards Which we will make a payment link for customers But in this way, fees will be charged to customers by mPAY.

Step 5 Notify the transfer

Let customers notify money transfer and send evidence of money transfer to Line @messisport or inbox of www.Facebook.com/messisportfanclub. Or inform by phone 089-6887559

Step 6 Shipping

We will deliver the product via EMS, it takes 2-3 days since the transfer, and send a tracking number to the customer.

Step 7 submitting a FeedBack or review

Very important step After receiving the product Don't forget to send us your feedback. We will update information in the next time.

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