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The MessiSports website is inspired by Messi. Founded in 2009, starting with the sale of football shoes, futsal shoes, which football shoes in the past were hard to find. We therefore created a website to solve problems for customers at this point. And now we have added more products such as running shoes, basketball shoes, volleyball shoes Badminton shoes etc.
The difference of the Messi website is

- We have many products and sizes to choose from Because we can deal with almost all dealers in Bangkok. Even products in Paragon Emporium have already been bought and delivered to customers.
- We carefully select products before shipping. Considered as double checking additional products If there are various smears Will be cleaned thoroughly before shipping.
- Delivery of our products to the customers 99.9%.
- We will have a process to check the size that the customer ordered. If it seems unlikely to be worn We will always give advice to customers before delivering products.
So far, there are 78 million views on the website, with more than 20,000 customers using us and more than 30% coming back continuously.
Hope that the old customers who used to buy football shoes Stud shoes with us will like other products that we present.If any customers have any needs, Please don't hesitate To contact us. We are happy to serve.


ขายรองเท้าฟุตบอล ผ่าน Line @messisport สั่งซื้อรองเท้าสตั๊ด ผ่าน FB @messisportfanclubยอดวิว Messisport