At present, 2019/2020 Nike has produced four cleats: Mercurial, Phantom Venom, Phantom VSN and Tiempo, each of which will have a sub-model, let's take a look.

Nike Mercurial Boot

It is a speed stud, defined as "speed explosion", with famous players in use, such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Eden Hazard, etc., in Mercurial. It will be divided into 8 sub-models.

1.1.Mercurial Superfly Elite

1.2.Mercurial Superfly Pro

1.3.Mercurial Superfly Academy

1.4.Mercurial Superfly Club

1.5.Mercurial Vapor Elite

1.6.Mercurial Vapor Pro

1.7.Mercurial Vapor Academy

1.8.Mercurial Vapor Club

Nike Phantom Venom Boots

Stud cable fire defined as "finishing resolutely" with a name that is used as Robert Levante Rudolf Kowalski, Harry Caine, Obama Mei Kong, iguanas ins. In which Phantom Venom will be divided into 8 sub-models.

2.1.Phantom Venom Elite

2.2.Phantom Venom Pro

2.3.Phantom Venom Academy

2.4.Phantom Venom Club

Nike Phantom VSN Boots

A stud, a control line or a ball transmission line is defined as "control line" with famous players in use, such as Kevin de Boy, Coutinho, etc., in which Phantom VSN will be divided into sub-versions. 4 more models

3.1.Phantom VSN Elite DF

3.2.Phantom VSN Pro DF

3.3.Phantom VSN Academy DF

3.4.Phantom VSN Club DF

Nike Tiempo Boots

It is a classic stud, defined as "superior touch", focusing on the softness of the leather. There are players in use such as Sergio Ramos, Rafael Varan, Gerard Pique, Andrea, Pirlo, etc., which in Tiempo are further divided into sub-editions. 4 models

4.1.Tiempo Legend Elite

4.2.Tiempo Legend Pro

4.3.Tiempo Legend Academy

4.4.Tiempo Legend Club

Sub-models are always indicated on the box and at the price tag. But often I do not specify a football shoe. And another frequently asked question is How are each model different? Which the difference is Quality of materials used in football boots The more expensive studs tend to have better material. Higher production technology The sub-models listed above are sorted by price. If we are a professional player Or serious about football He often uses the top sub-model soccer shoes. As for if you wear an amateur, use it less often, it will focus on the secondary ones because it will be worth the price.

The difference between Messi is

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