At present, 2019/2020 adidas soccer shoes have produced 4 football boots: Predator, Nemeziz, X and Copa, each of which will have any sub-models, let's see.

1. Predator model, defined as "Master of Control", is a return to production football boots. There are famous players in use such as Pogba, Ozil, etc., in which Predator will be divided into 5 sub-editions

1.1 Predator 19+

1.2 Predator 19.1

1.3 Predator 19.2

1.4 Pradator 19.3

1.5 Pradator 19.4

2. Nemeziz model is defined as "UNLOCK AGILITY" is a nimble football shoes. There are famous players in use, such as Lionel Messi, Roberto Firmino, Alvaro Morata, Julian Draxler, etc., which in Nemeziz are divided into sub-versions. 4 more models

1.1 Nemeziz 19 + 360 AGILITY

1.2 Nemeziz 19.1

1.3 Nemeziz 19.2

1.4 Nemeziz 19.3

3. Model X is defined as "UNLEASH SPEED" is a speed shoe or speed line. There are famous players in use such as Luis Suarez, Gareth Bale, Mohammed Salar, N'Golo Kante, etc., in which X

It will be divided into 4 sub-models.


3.2 X 19.1

3.3 X 19.2

3.4 X 19.3

4. The Copa model is defined as "OUTCLASS" as a classic soccer shoe. Focusing on the softness of the genuine leather, Copa is divided into 3 sub-models.

4.1 Copa 19+

4.2 Copa 19.1

4.3 Copa 19.2

4.3 Copa 19.3

The difference between Messi is

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