Soccer ball futsal ball volleyball ball Basketball ball Quality standards used in national competitions We have already compiled them on the Messisport website and we have practice children. Which has a lower price as well

The ball used in the international competition The ball must be certified by the relevant authorities, such as the soccer ball must pass the quality of FIFA, the basketball ball. Must pass the quality of FIBA ​​or if it is a volleyball ball Must go through the agency FIVB, of course, the price will be high

The difference between Messi is

- We have the largest number of products and sizes to choose from. Because we can deal with almost all dealers in Bangkok Even the products in the Paragon Emporium, we have already bought and delivered to customers.

- We select products well before shipping. Considered to double check additional products If there are various stains It will be cleaned before delivery. Therefore, in the past we were only 0.1% complied by customers regarding product quality

- Delivery of our products to 99.9% of our customers, which if there is an error from the shipping company, we will always follow up.

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Hope that the customers who visit the product will like football shoes, cleats and other products. That we come to present If any customer has any needs Please do not be afraid Contact us We are happy to serve

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